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danny is great :)
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    Blatantly robbed from the Type 3 and 4 club forum...... We're arranging a gathering of the Type 3and 4s at VW Heritage in Bristol. It's easy to get to, just a couple of miles from Junction 1 of the M32 (which is only a few miles from the M4). It's Sunday 21st November, arrive any time from...
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    Gooooooooooooood afternoon :)
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    Now if you dont mind ............ Can you all Fuck OFF!! :D
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    What ya doing on the evening of Saturday 30th January? Nothing? good :) Then you are invited to join myself, Wal, that large Breasted lovely woman that is MrS WaL, gingerbob and emma 123 for a lemonade or five at The Derby Pool pub in New Brighton :D Time to be arranged :)
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    What ya doin on the evening of Saturday 23rd January? Fancy a pint or two in the George Stephenson pub in Westmoor? Myself, Tintop75 the very Lovely Tinker bell and that tosser Gary Numbers will be there :) all are welcome :D
1-6 of 6 Results