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  1. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I am looking for a rhd beetle dash cut. not a 1302,1303. cash waiting
  2. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Evening all, I'm after a few different bits and bobs. Porsche 914 dials After a set of these (Speedo, Tacho and Fuel) like in the picture below. Need to be the versions with the silver centre, in decent condition and in working order. RHD 1200 Beetle Padded Dashboard A MINT padded dash...
  3. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Earlier on I noticed my illumination on the dash was not working but the headlights are working. I think this happened when I was messing around with my electrics trying to fit a new stereo and I connected the battery up to search for a 12 volt source when ignition is on. All of a sudden lots of...
  4. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I am looking for a padded dash (GT Beetle?) to fit my 1302s Super beetle, condition isn't too much of an issue :) cheers Jordan
  5. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I have this fiberglass dash panel I bought that is too short for my Bug. I am wondering if I can just roughen up the gelcoat with a grinder, then use some 'glass mat and resin to extend it. It fits good everywhere but the two side ends. It would only need an inch or so to make it look and fit...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    OK so I have a 1970 1500 Beetle. I have this switch under my dash, but cannot seem to find out what it does, any one have any ideas? Cheers
  7. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi all, I'm trying to put my beetle back to how it would have been when it came out of Wolfsburg but can't seem to find any definitive answer as to what steering wheel it would have come with. It is a 1300 1972 "K" reg swing axle with half moon vents and europa bumpers. It does not have a...
  8. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Am i right in believing that the front skin on a late bay has a strip on the inside top edge with holes so you can screw in the dash top tinware (just below the windscreen glass/rubber)? Only cos mine doesnt have this...(i may have imagined it tho...) Looks like i will have to weld some tabs...
  9. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Porsche 356 Front Scuttle/Dash Panel LHD £350 VW Evolution 3 head Quarters Road West Wilts Trading Estate Westbury Wiltshire BA13 4JR 01373 822300
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Im searching for a RHD dash clip from a Beetle. You can cut the dash right down the middle to save on shipping, if you can/ like. The dash is for a '66 Convertable, but any 58+ Dash will work... I can remove extra knobs or add if I have to. Please email me with anything you have. This will...
  11. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Looking for 1968 Bay window heater exchanger controls two blue two red. Dashboard mounted. Anybody got one? Cheers Nic
  12. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Ok this is really hard 2 explain, I am looking for the finisher/trim that fits to the top of the dash and between the demister. Generally fitted to 74 on' 1303's. Visible in this photo below. Anyone breaking a 1303 with one? Midlands preferably.
  13. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    i took my dash clocks out to spray the dash. disconnected all the wires from behind the clocks but didnt touch any switch wireing or tamper with the fuse box. ive come to reconnect my clocks and im missing a wire which connects to the bk of the fuel gauge. ive got one small red wire comin off...
  14. Items Wanted - AUTO
    As the title says am after one to complete a project. It's No.6 in the pic. If anyone has one please PM or e-mail me. Cheers Stewart :hangloose
  15. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Quite a few parts for sale cluttering up my garage following the restoration of my bay window camper. Collection only from near Milton Keynes. A fairly basic Danbury interior. Includes rear bench seat and two seats that fit behind the driver and passenger seats. A foldout gas stove is under one...
1-15 of 15 Results