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  1. Dude! What's My Car Worth?
    Hi All I have (originally my Gran's) a '79 VW Derby 1100 LS, which has been stored in a garage since 1997 when it stopped being used. It was well looked after, full service history and in good order when it was laid up, and has done 45k from new. Complete car, as it was, primrose yellow -...
  2. Jobs For The Boys (& Girls)
    ABSOLUTE VW - aircooled specialist in the East Midlands is expanding and looking for a mechanic to join our team Restoring, Renovating and Servicing Campers, Beetles and all aircooled derivatives. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship - if you do too call us on 01332 814448...
  3. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Yo! So it's been a while. I'm the superbly happy owner of a pretty mint mk2 derby: Got pulled by the 5-0 the other night because my wheels apparently stick out of the arches too much *facepalm* I know right? Anyway, after some digging it turns out that the coppa wasn't just being a penis...
  4. Announcements
    GTI Spring Festival Santa Pod Raceway Sunday 11th April 2010 01279 72 52 52 Website Well - it's called the 'GTI Spring Festival', but the first major event of the water cooled VW season is actually aimed at every current and past model in the VAG group range. From Sciroccos and Golfs and...
  5. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi guys i am looking for a polo saloon with tax and mot (ready to drive away.) It can't be bigger than a 1.4 for insurance reasons Thanks Nic
  6. VZi Yellow Pages
    im looking for a mobile welder in notts/ derby area ( im based just near long eaton) to come weld a front panel for me. it needs replacing from window down. i can provide the panel, but being a broke student i dont really have the time or money to do it my self or get it sent in to an expensive...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Anyone out there got any pictures of VW Derby - Slammed, Stock -What kind of looks are people going for.. Any pics Darren from the worthasee tour??
  8. Chat/Discussion
    :rolleyes: As above anyone had one - any good?? what sort of money would I pay to get one??
1-8 of 9 Results