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    I see the sticky up the top about Club camping, but not anything about VZi camping. apologies if this has already been asked! :group:
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    We went to Deva this weekend, what an amazing show - AGAIN! :hug: Here are a few photos I took... Post any up that you like! go to www.vwbug.co.uk to see them all - Thanks to www.partsemporium.co.uk for paying for the petrol!
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    .......to the VW show scene. I want to take her to a show in my back up and running 66 bug but am at a loss which one to plump for. Since we are 'oop norf and most of the shows are darn sarf there will be camping which will be fun. She's not that bothered about Judge Jules etc. So something a...
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    Hi all Show website is now updated.... Feel free to check it out and let me have any questions you may have about the show etc.... Deva Dubs 'n Rods VW Show Just got to add the special page for the buses through the years display and get the comedians confirmed! Prices for advance, on the...
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    I am very limited this year on money (probably not the only one) so i would like your advice on the shows that you think I SHOULD NOT MISS. What shows are a must:confused: cheers guys
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    i have to start planning now cos i have set weekends in work! Dubfreeze--a must! Devadubs--best drive Bug-In---bestest beer Dubstock--bestest value and thats as far as my mind could stretch witout lookin at a calender
1-6 of 6 Results