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    I know, you've heard it all before, but there's another legislation on the table, only standard cars will be drivable. That's completely, down to tyre size and tread pattern - really! Have a look here and get involved, or do you want your car to be perminatly in your garage, oh, and worthless...
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    morning folks. bored waiting for the mrs to get ready!!! (baby scan :)) so to pass the time here we go. simple really one post one word, add any word you like and the random story grows and grows. copy n paste as we go....... :) jeremy
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    I was doing the usual run with the kids this morning, I pick up and drop off as part of our childminding. There is a bypass at Heysham, which I need to hop onto to get to a little village school. It is a 2 lane 60 limit road, but very wide as it happens. Anyway, I was following 2 cars up to the...
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    Got a speeding fine, is it true you can do a course and you won't get the 3 points? If so how much is the course? And do you still pay the fine?
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    One for the VZi traffic coppers. How long would it take from getting caught on a fixed speed camera to getting a letter with either a fine/summons? And no orphans died at the bus stop ;)
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    :p :D Currently Active Users: 1918 Most users ever online was 2,328, 13-06-2011 at 10:28 PM. Brian Burrows*, "Jeremy" Beetle, '64 Ghia Coupe, -Kustom-, 009*, 1956ultra, 2165 bug, 28barney28, 39coupe, 3toes, 4050vw, 57Aircooled, 60 Plymouth, 61 Devon, 63 wizard, 63ragtop, 63splitscreen...
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    I only found it in the early hours of this morning and it is laugh out loud stuff. Some of you may have already seen it but haven't seen any mention of it on VZi. Mods, please don't remove this ebay link as 1. It's not mine and 2. the auction has already ended. :D So so funny :lol...
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    So i put up a ad that wasnt entierly within the rules in that the description i gave on here was an extension of my ebay ad instead of a 'copy and paste' of all the same details on ebay, however its a propper mission to post pics on here so they would have had to look at the ad anyway?? and...
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    OK so I've been wanting to ask this for some time... I keep seeing references to what I assume is now Volkszone folklore... "No Goldfish Died" But I must have missed what this refers to :o and I feel really out of the loop *sobs* ... anyone able to give me the story?
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    After the mods deliberately set a record without me I'm leaving Volkszone (and the scene). Sorry, but this place is full of cliquey village idiots and I'm off*. Andy *For an hour whilst I drive to work.
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    Always gonna be worth a watch, its around 1.44 mins
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    I'd say it's quite serious over there (for both the Middle East and the wider world) Looks like peaceful protestors have been attacked by pro Government supporters. Not on really. :(
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    So we've got this woman over from our China office for training, and we're driving past the H&W cranes in Belfast and I mention the Titanic, she's never heard of it, what about the film, nope sorry not a clue! Leonardo Dicaprio, who? Well I suppose Titanic was an Irish/British/American thing...
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    Evening Everyone I was sat watching Casino Royale in my bedroom when I heard a car come bombing down my road. I heard him screech round the corner and then there was a huge bang and lots of shouting. I ran out of my house and it looks like the back end slid out, he has tried to correct it and...
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    http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/24122010/36/complaints-top-gear-stig-shooting-0.html :rolleyes:
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    all my goldfish are dead , with the pond frozen over , but one is still alive iv put it in a bowl in the house it seems to have recovered but it keeps sticking its head out of the water and it swims slowly anything i can do ?
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    Anyone else see this? not quite sure if its a beetle or not on ramps over on the left side.. caused by snow on roof.. more info here.. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Dundee/article/8325/video-cctv-footage-of-roof-collapse-at-r-g-consort.html
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    Just round at a mates and heard a loud bang a short time ago. Looked outside and some idiots lost it on the ice and crashed into the neighbours Parked Beetle. It's the 3rd accident round here this weekend!:(
  19. Chat/Discussion
    BUDGET BUS, your un unhelpful, wrong person. My previous thread was not moved. I posted a thread under watercooled tech & received little responce, I post it under chat and discussion to @[email protected] the topic & you see it fit to STOP my thread. Are you gonna get far in life being malicious or...
1-20 of 60 Results