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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Here's a video of the greatest drag race at VW Action. :incheek: Thanks to everyone who cheered them on. :D
  2. Chat/Discussion
    As you may or may not know Brian is retiring from Drag racing at Action this year (To be honest he is getting a bit too old now :lol:) so he wants to go out with a bang it would seem :eek: look what I saw today:D He will be driving this :eek:
  3. Chat/Discussion
    really liking the style of these cars, hatching a plan for road legal replica :D
  4. Chat/Discussion
    So who is going to be a 'first year' next spring in the DRC? I think TAXI is, I will be, who else ? Name, Team, Car, Engine please ;) oh and pics welcome ! Dean, Beetle Burner, Beetle, 1200cc ? :eek: :cool:
  5. Readers Rides
    Yup, filled another thread with pictures and progress reports! :eek: Part III will hopefully document our continued improvement of the engine and gearbox set up and our quest to improve our quarter mile times :) Unfortunately there was little Jagerbug progress last night as we spent the entire...
1-6 of 6 Results