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  1. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, the video gives you a tutorial how to dismount and mount the drive axle of a Passat 35i. Further the replacement of the boot on the outer CV joint is explained in detail: The video has a German soundtrack, but English subtitles are available on YouTube. Greetings, Jürgen
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Interesting evening yesterday. A successful road-trip to sunny Walthamstow to collect a pair of tyres with my mate Greg found us at the Ace Cafe for a pitstop. It happened to be a Monday night meet of Petrolhead Nirvana members in their exotica. The most eclectic mix of cars I'd ever seen were...
  3. Movers & Shakers
    Hiya All, If this is in the wrong place, please let me know as this is one of my first ever posts. I have managed after weeks of searching to find a company that hires classic Beetles as wedding cars and have thankfully been able to book one:D, however I desperately would love a VW camper for...
1-3 of 3 Results