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  1. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I want dropped spindles on my 69 bug, do they cause rubbing as ive heard they do?
  2. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I've fit a pair of drop spindles to my 1972 1200 Beetle. I can't get a conclusive view on whether to fit shims or not. It's stock height at the rear and some say I need to restore the Caster to stop the car wandering around but others not - what is people's experience here?
  3. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi, Looking for my first car. Had something close to ideal but someone bought it first. Need: 66 or older beetle (or later with pre 67 front and rear valance, wings, bonnet etc fitted) Ideally: None to little rust 4" narrowed adjustable beam dropped spindles Slammed rear end (pretty...
  4. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    got dropped spindles for the front(and disk brakes to fit too) and need advice about lowering...ie do you really need special lowered shocks to help(got caster shimms and does it make a difference to get lowered ball joints?(not sorting out narrowingbeam...what tryes should I have.. and will it...
  5. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi, I'm looking for some Dropped spindles for my '78 Disc brake ball joint bug. They need to be in useable condition. Any cosmetic wear or rust doesn't matter as i will most likely be painting them. What have you got?:) Max
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Hey! Iv just finished fitting a 2 inch narrowed front beam to my beetle with dropped spindles and disc brakes and slimmer tyres will soon be fitted. I was wondering could anyone tell me by roughly how much all these mods would bump up the cost of my insurance (if at all)? Any advice gladly...
  7. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    HELP! Iv just fitted a 2" narrowed adjustable front beam with dropped spindles to my '71 bug and unsurprisingly, I need smaller front tyres, what size would you guys recommend? Iv got standard vw wheels (4 stud), if anyone could tell me what 'J' size they are? Thank yoouuuu!! :D
  8. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Ladies n gents, I had a spindle thread go on my oval front left so thought i would renew them, while i was at it, i thought i would give dropped spindles a run 4 the money. The car already has a 2" narrow adj beam and im running 4.5in steels with 155 firestones, Basically i hav fitted it all...
  9. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I was wanting to get some opinions from you guys and gals on here. I have a 73 std beetle, that has adjusters welded in the front beam. I like the "rake" that a lower front end gives, but was just curious about how dropped spindles would ride and steer compared to the adjusters. I don't want...
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I'm looking for a pair of dropped spindles drum type for a 72 beetle on a budget build so cheaper the better;) if anyone could help would help me out alot Cheers Darren
  11. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi all, Im wanting to lower my '78 beetle on the front just slightly using dropped spindles and im just wondering, how hard can it be? could someone like myself (training mechanic at college) do it, are any specialist tools needed, do bearings need to be pressed out etc. or could i do it myself...
  12. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Just brought dropped spindles for my bay which will drop it by 3 1/1 inches. i guess i need to change the tyres to improve the clearance but not sure what size to go for. Any ideas? Cheers
  13. Items For Sale - AUTO
    CB Performance dropped spindle for balljoint, drum brake, beetle. Only one available. For the right hand side of the car. No faults or weaknesses or wear. Located in Silchester near Reading, RG7 2NP. £40 + postage, but collection preffered.
  14. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Probably a long shot but I have some brand new still-in-box ball joint disc dropped spindles, the thing is, I need ball joint drum brake ones... Any chance someone wants to swap?? Or will sell for £160 Jase.
  15. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Anyone done them themselves? Tips as Do's and Dont's are welcome. If you dont want to talk online feel free to PM me or e-mail me. ;)
  16. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I work in engineering so i am sure if i can see how its done i can do my own if i can get some spindles that is.;)
  17. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Still looking for some dropped spindles for my beetle. To fit a ball joint beam and drum brakes. looking for £100 but can stretch a little for very good con.
  18. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Top of the line drilled airkewld disc brakes purchased from RetroDubs at the end of August 08. :eek: They were dry fitted to check for clearance etc so that I could get the right narrowed beam, but due to the financial disaster, I never got round to buying the beam to fit them. :( Therefore...
  19. Chat/Discussion
    If you have: A) Very low profile tires on already B) No gap between arch and tire C) Beam on lowest possible setting D) Rear suspention hitting bumpstops Is the next stage tubbed arches???? How much lower does a narrow beam make you? Can i grind my metal bump stops off compleatly!?? :lol...
  20. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I'm going to be getting some drop spindles soon for the '71 Bug, I've heard conflicting stories about needing longer ball joints. The puma adjusters are on their lowest setting and I only gained about an inch, so I'm gonna have to put it back up a bit when the drop splindles go on, but will I...
1-20 of 35 Results