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    Is this the form I need to fill out to get a list /copies of previous keepers of my bug? V888 I did it years ago with another bug, can't remember how. Thanks.
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    I was led to believe (I probably read it on VZi) that HM Govt./DVLA were changing the SORN rules so we now only have to do it ONCE (rather than every year) and then when/if we are ready to tax/RFL a vehicle, we do it using the V5c. I think the idea was to save on paperwork, admin. and postage...
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    Hi guys, I bought a Beetle back in July and had to apply for a V5 as the previous owner had lost theirs (car has been dry stored since 1975). I finally got the V5 today but the tax status says Private/Light Goods. Where do I go from here? The car is a K reg and was first registered on...
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    I've just bought my first personalised registration from The DVLA :D ...but I've no idea what the next step is :confused: Obviously I need to buy new number plates, change the reg on my V5C, MOT & Tax Disc and change the reg on my insurance documents but I'm not sure how this works in...
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    Just a word of warning. I've kept quiet about this, because things were getting messy between myself and DVLA but, after a year-long battle, it's all sorted now, so I thought I'd post up my experiences so others can learn from them! Last July I took a car for an MOT in North London. It was on a...
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    My 1967 Bug is not yet been classed as Historic is it as simple as the women at the post office said..... off to check dvla website now... ?
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    Just thought i would express my giddyness to you all :D I sold a vehicle in august and sent the log book off as usual. In November i recieved a letter for the dvla advising me i will be fined for not sending it to them as the new keeper had applied for the v5. so after loads of phone calls and...
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    I had a bit of a problem with the V5 for the van I've just bought. For some reason when it was imported someone mistook the 672 at the end of the chassis number for a CTZ. Obviously a hangover day! So when I took it to get it MOT'd last Saturday, the MOT tester logged the correct VIN and the...
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    Are they on holiday somewhere? No! They want to give me 5 extra days to tax my car... They dont say which one... but They are all taxed anyway! But why is it suddenly ok to not display a tax disc? "if you pay for your vehicle tax bedfore the current tax disc runs out, then you can legally...
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    10 days ago I called up on their rather iritating press this press that press this and ..............thank you for calling the DVLA you need a new number plate line " NO!!!!!!!!!!! " in the end I did get to speak with a human who was not welsh ( not that it makes any difference, I like Wales )...
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    ...hey peeps, could i search to see if a numberplate is available/registered to a car in the uk without knowing the make,as requested on the dvla search? Would like to know if the reg is available...ta.
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    Vehicle type approval...............M1 What does this mean ? Does anyone know ? This info was from a vehicle check on the dvla website :) Many thanks
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    :mad: i bought a passat on saturday, i have swapped the insurance over from my previous focus to this one, the passat already had an MOT. All i need to do now is tax it. So today i phoned my insurance company to get a cover note faxed over in order to tax the car.... but no, the fucking post...
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    Hi Folks this is not a wind up. I was sent this email and having checked my own licence it is quite true. I had a look at my licence and it runs out in 2013:eek: Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photocard driving Licences expire Thousands of motorists are at risk of...
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    I am currently looking at a vehicle for sale from italy on italian plates in the uk but it has no paper work with it, all i will get is a bill of sale how do i go about registering it for uk plates with no paperwork? never gone down this route before any help appreciated pete
1-15 of 15 Results