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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Hi. I'm looking into sending bulk commercial emails to my existing customers and new prospects about my company products. I have email addresses from customers and have gathered prospect email address from various directories. I may even buy in data if this type of marketing works out for me. I...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Just wondering if there is a simple/free way of adding a captcha type device to a simple php form to email type of form? Any tips or recommendations appreciated… :) (assuming this is still a good way of doing things… security wise for an email form?)
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Just an 'out of interest' thing really . . . I just wondered who uses pop/mail accounts (ie with a 'Mail' application like Outlook or MacMail) and who uses things like Hotmail thru' a web browser? :)
  4. Chat/Discussion
    All, We must apologise to those of you who have no received a response to the emails you have sent to us. you can be assured that this is not through ignorance, as we specifically make sure that all emails get a response, even if it's something that we are unable to help with. We can only...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Just booted up the laptop.... I'm with sky and it is working perfectly, a you can tell by me being able to post...., but when I open my pop3 e-mail, via outlook, I get this message. I'm not a techy so don't undertand what it means, other than it's not working. Haven't touched the router...
1-5 of 5 Results