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  1. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Sooo, in taking out the shift rod, a PO repair showed itself with paint flaking off like a leprosy disco! Have removed all the loose paint/filler and sanded back as much as I dare. I know nothing about paintwork is this a doable home fix with antirust primer, filler, and paint brush or is this...
  2. Frost Auto Restoration Techniques
    How To Repair a Padded Dashboard When restoring older cars, it is often too expensive to replace a cracked dashboard. And, that is assuming a new dash board is available. In cases where new parts are too expensive, too difficult to find, or, impossible to find, you will need to restore what is...
  3. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi all, I am trying to get hold of one of these as seen on the samba but sold before i saw the ad :( 3638292 from samba by wounded2010, on Flickr anone got one of these for grabs? cheers
  4. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi guys My engine rebuild is coming to it's end, the last things are going on. I've put a new empi doghouse fanshroud, but I've just noticed that the heater hoses don't clear the oil filler. this pic doesn't show it great, sorry. Anybody had this sort of problem? Do I have to buy a...
  5. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Have a couple of areas of rust on my camper that i want to have a bash at sorting. They're only small and relatively out of view, so the perfect oportunity for me to have a go at them myself without the risk of cocking it up too badly! Need some advice though. Thinking of cleaning up the areas...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Right I want to give lead loading a go since my car is full of lead already (early karmann) is frost the best place to get stuff from? Also is it going to cost shed loads more than filler, I have no idea how far the lead bars supplied by frost go. Anyone got any pointers before I part with my cash
  7. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi I have noticed a 6 inch long crack in the roof of my 69 bug and it appears to be a patch of filler. Need to get watertight asap, does anyone know if filler remains watertight without a layer of paint on top? Or do I need to treat it first with rust inhibitor? I can do a quick repair today...
1-8 of 8 Results