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    I went last year but only for the day. What goes on in the evenings? Is there entertainment or is it a case of having a small campfire and having a quiet drink/smoke/wanking competition with mates?
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    Didn't take very many Pit side camping saved people from the mud! Apart from those of us under canvas. We appeared to have pitched in a bog. DiDi76 parked on the grass. Good idea? She managed to get it back on solid ground without any problems Buggingyou's Boris Chav-bus in the making...
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    Had a wicked time thanks for making me welcome guys. Came away this morning cos had a couple of problems. First, I'd lost my glasses. Searched the tent, no luck. Remebered I'd fallen over on the way back, so found the hole Id fallen into and spent ages hunting for em. Had a rest, sat in the...
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    Well it stayed dry but that was really the best bit about FF. When we arrived mid morning the Outlaw Flat Four guys were in the fire up lane, we thought "great we don't normally see these guys at the pod" and thought we would be in for a real treat. Sadly we only saw one bug run all day as most...
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    They are all at http://www.vwbug.co.uk - go take a look and post any you like up here! Here are a couple...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    I'm very very excited and no where near ready, still gotta fix sliding door, touch up some paint, wash and polish Boris (1st time in a year) sort out all my camping stuff that was removed for the welding. Oh and get a new MOT !! arrgghhh !!! :lol: It'll all be fine
1-6 of 6 Results