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  1. NDA (Northern Dub Alliance)
    boltonian male gsoh, would like to meet a genuine mechanic (local) for get togethers maybe more .....anyone out there help this buggy virgin . .......jon
  2. H20
    In the past couple of years i've knocked down a brick gatepost, slid off the road through a wooden fence and taken the drivers door off an old biddys corsa after she opened it while i was driving past. :eek: All my passat ended up with after these incidents was a few scuff marks on the front...
  3. NDA (Northern Dub Alliance)
    tsuj ot ees fi uoy teg ti emos lliw emos tnow soc sti tsuj sa ysae ot og adrawkcab ro .nwodedispu lihp
  4. NDA (Northern Dub Alliance)
    I'm on holiday until the 19th October so does anyone fancy going over to the Illuminations when I get back? Cheers
1-5 of 5 Results