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  1. Show Scene
    Majorly excited for Mighty Dub Fest this year. Already had my care polished. Only 2 Weeks and 1 day!!
  2. Chat/Discussion
    I'm making marrow chutney today. Seven jars made, about another 10-12 in the making now. Initial taste test was good. I used the BBC Good Food recipe and added a finely chopped green chilli, and replaced shallots with ordinary onions.
  3. Chat/Discussion
    You are all welcome to come along to Frankie and Bennies at High Wycombe after the Slough swapmeet on Sunday 4th November, (time to be arranged, but at a guess will be about 4pm) we have done this the last three years and has been a good laugh, please post on here if you want to come along, so...
  4. Offers
    Advertised in today's Metro - A free box & one half price. Go to WWW.graze.com/metro and enter the code METRONEW Ts & Cs at graze.com/metro
  5. Announcements
    The 8 Ball Diner A12 Northbound Near Witham/Rivenhall Essex CM8 3HB Phone: +44 (0)1376 573403 www.8balldiner.com Long time VW enthusiasts Brett Hawksbee, Brian Burrows and Pete Fearn launch their latest venture next weekend as Saturday 19th February sees the Grand Opening of the newly...
  6. VZi Yellow Pages
    I dunno if any of you guys tried them out at Vanwest, but what totally awesome grub. The chicken and rice Thai style dish was mind blowing. I thought I'd put a word out as the guys that run it ( Nick and Helen) have just started out , and Vanwest was their first show They're on Face book just...
  7. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Rules: * One entry per person, if you wish to change your entry please edit your original post. * Photos taken for this challenge only, i.e. taken after the challenge has been posted, are eligible. This can be checked.* 'Photoshopping' should be limited to B&W conversions, cropping, levels...
  8. Chat/Discussion
    What are you having then? I feel really cold, fed up and grotty today so I am cooking up a steak and kidney pie, with mustard mash, carrots and peas. Followed by Belgian waffles with icecream.:D I am hoping that that will sort me out.
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Nutella! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D:D Will it spoil my tea?
  10. Offers
    Just went to burger king and was given a fistful of vouchers in a book. Check it, they be good offers, lots of BOGOF etc
  11. Offers
    Why do I only ever get Pizza Offers! I hate cheese! http://content.dynamicmessenger.com/acxiomdataservices/?loZ1CdNULJraNGtKCeI9loOgDUzsew0gl Enjoy!
  12. Offers
    Runs from today until Monday and it's yummy! Details / options here..
  13. Offers
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Just watching a program on BBC3 and the girl is eating oxo cubes in front of the telly, and eating mint sauce straight out of the jar with a spoon... So lets have 'em. what do you eat that is weird?
  15. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Thanks everyone!! This weeks challenge is "Food". I am pretty sure everyone here has access to food. :D RULES: * One entry per person, if you wish to change your entry please change your original post. * Photos MUST be taken for this challenge only, i.e. taken after the challenge has been...
1-15 of 15 Results