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    Got back last night after a great, long weekend, Didmarton Bluegrass Festival was excellent, the headlining band Mountain Heart were fantastic, over ran their spot on Saturday night by an hour & a half & finished with some Stevie Wonder/ Allman Brothers & Lynyrd Skynyrd :cool: My voice just...
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    So anyone else up early on a Sunday for the first GP of the season? Couldn't possibly miss this one :D
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    well done jenson button and brawn gp. :D http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport an amazing achievement from a team that was dead and buried a couple of weeks ago.
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    The credit crunch hits F1 http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5goFh7pIfQsVaKgZNr4ICNNkui2ug
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    Strange how his last lap was suddenly 18 seconds slower. Had to go out straight after the GP so dont know whats gone on since. Mechanical breakdown or race fixing? Shame Hamilton couldnt deliver the goods of his own accord. A win by default just undermines it IMO. Masser should be champion.
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    Tomorrow is the big day :D Just in the top 5 and Massa is shit on your shoe ;)
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    Well the season finale is upon us, and apart from witnessing Massa win the World Championship ;) (I have everything crossed :lol: ) it's time to bid farewell to Coulthard and ITV. I feel quite sad about it, I always thought Coulthard deserved a World Championship, and as much as I dreaded the...
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    Although I'm still totally rooting for Massa, it has to be said that was a top drive by Lewis, quickest all weekend and didn't put a foot wrong. Much respect. Not the most exciting Grand Prix, though. Shame to see Kubica out of the title race - would have been something really special to see...
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    Wouldn't it be fantastic, starting off and driving around London past all the tourist attractions, why didn't we do that instead of the Olympics. :lol:
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    Cause it must be fookin huge!!!:D
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    Anyone else really looking forward to the race tomorrow?? i certainly am:D Not sure if theres going to be much overtaking etc blah blah blah but wooooo its in the dark!! :lol: and miss universe is there too..... FIT (i guess thats why she is miss universe :crazy:) :)
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    The first practice is underway and i have to say it looks awesome check the live feed http://www.itv-f1.com/VideoLive.aspx
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    How awesome is the last section of the race!!
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    He should be penalised by the stewards for that. He couldn't beat Lewis fair and square so he took to cheating. I would have expected that from Schumacher, re the Monaco '06 incident. Thinking about it Alonso complained to the stewards about that. What a prick. I hope Lewis thrashes him for...
1-14 of 14 Results