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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Being a rugby man I may be biased. England won the world cup in 2003, runners up in 2007 and I predict that whatever happens this time they certainly wont embarass themselves. The cricket team are currently reigning supreme and beating allcomers. Add to that the fantastic performances of our...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Sometimes I just dont get it, yet I can understand the players wanting to run around kicking a balll..................but not watching it. I reckon the only time I watch is when it's World Cup footy, because then it's country pride and not just football. *and no I'm not gay
  3. Chat/Discussion
    To change a VW's name when you buy it? My mate recently bought an early bay called Poppy and promptly changed HER name to DAVE!! :lol: I said it was wrong but he won't have it! What ya reckon?
1-3 of 3 Results