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  1. Chat/Discussion
    a bit late I know, but a few pics an' stuff from my Euro road trip to Hessisch in Germany which some might enjoy… http://www.vdubxs.com/from-666-to-type-166-hessisch-rocks/
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm after any help or advice that you may have on researching Family Trees. Its my Dad's 60th Birthday this year, and me and my sister plan to give him our family tree all printed up nicely and framed. Now I have been researching my tree for about a year now, on and off, and have...
  3. Show Scene
    The date for the German Type 3 meet has been confirmed as 03 - 06 June 2010 The location will be between Cologne and Frankfurt/Main .............more details later a few of us are going on this, anyone else interested in coming along?
1-3 of 3 Results