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  1. Chat/Discussion
    http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100209277/girl-killed-by-dogs-almost-any-breed-can-kill-but-good-nurture-can-beat-dangerous-nature/ I think the guy has actually approached this from an unbiased point of view for once,unlike the tabloids. What do you think?
  2. Chat/Discussion
    as my insomnia is coming on a treat, should a watch man on the moon or elvis costello at midnight. i'm a huge andy kaufman fan and i've never seen the film but i also love elvis costello. i have a bit of respect for james taylor too. help?!
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Made me laugh, we go grrr and drink Vodka:lol:
  4. Chat/Discussion
    have you a new film out? seriously, were 5 months in on this now. its taken me 3 weeks to do that picture in paint, thought i'd have a go whilst i was waiting, well guess what, im starting to take root now :rolleyes:
1-4 of 5 Results