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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    Nice Ghia - would consider px type 3 or maybe a bug Valued by club at 11k - buy it now 9k on eBay or bid - low reserve https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192303227312 Nice running and driving Ghia - Ghia prices way too cheap right now buy before the rush
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    Hi All, Selling my ghia - looking for about 12K Listed on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=132001304987#ht_1114wt_1348 Needs a respray, but solid with great engine! Cheers, Al
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    Karmann Ghia '66 - Reduced Joni - A 1966 RHD Karmann Ghia restored from the ground up. I have catalogued the entire restoration and made a photo book of her transformation which will stay with the car. All receipts for everything that has been spent have been kept, along with a detailed...
  4. Dude! What's My Car Worth?
    Hi All, I asked this in 2009 and now I'm wondering again. My ghia is as follows and I'm wondering what it's worth: 1969 with intermediate rear lights - not the biggies of late models. LHD cali import with a little minor body rot, but other wise very solid Needs a respray, as respray from a...
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    SOLD I'm really in two minds about doing this but I think it's the right thing to do... I bought this last year, from a good friend, as my next long-term project. Since then I've moved house and have other things to concentrate on (like building a new garage). As such, I really don't need...
  6. Readers Rides
    Well, those of you that followed my Beetle build thread will know that I like things to be 'perfect', shiny and nice. This Ghia is the complete opposite, but it still pulls on my heart strings and has done as long as I've known it. It was imported from Cali by a good friend in 2008. He did all...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Hiya, I am trying to explain to a mate about all the different models that VW have made over the years and then the changes made within them, such as early and late beetle, buses and campers and the differences between them. I then realised that it really is a bit of a nightmare for anyone...
  8. Items For Sale - AUTO
    As title says, brand new, unused TMI carpet set. I imported from the US, but the colour wasn't right for me. £125 plus £10 P&P. Thanks
  9. Vehicles For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale is my 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1600L, also known as Type34 or Razor edge Ghia. This is an original Dutch car, one of the few in existence today. The Ghia has been lowered, but can be returned to stock height without any problem, as there was nothing hacked, altered...
  10. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Limebug has just completed a fully bolt on air ride kit for swing axle and IRS Beetle's/Ghia's 4-Valve, 100% Bolt on, 6 Point Rear Brace System. Price: £1895.00 Complete Kits consist of: 1 of Any of these Front Setups: K&L Front T1 / Ghia Ball Joint Front T1 / Ghia 1302/ 1303 Front Air System...
  11. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    OK, those of you who know your Ghias will know that the early (pre '67) original screen "C" chrome trim is an absolute pig to fit- hence most people have historically gone to the much easier "T" profile, or chnaged to Cal look rubbers. My '64 has the now very rare, original "C" section trims...
  12. Vehicles For Sale
    The car was imported in 2004 from California, where it was owned by a father and then his son from new. At this point it didn't need any welding and was resprayed in its original colour toga white by Bob Knight. The engine had a total rebuild in 1996 and is a 1.6 single port. Once in the UK the...
  13. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, Would any Ghia owners of mid 60's models please be good enough to take a photo of the metalwork under their dash, so I can work out which holes I need to keep and which I need to weld-up before painting my shell. Typically, the photos I kept pre-strip don't show this clearly and there were...
  14. Vehicles For Sale
    For sale is my slammed and narrowed 1963 Polar Blue Karmann Ghia. I am only selling this as another project is on the cards. SPEC: 100% solid 8.5 narrowed beam running custom short shocks Drop spindles Red 9 2" dropped springplates Flat panned Detailed inner arches and...
  15. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi All, Someone kindly snapped off my wing mirror and I just need the little plate you can hopefully see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t6uyj600mimm6jv/2013-12-04%2010.33.21.jpg Anyone got one lying around? Cheers, Al
  16. Items For Sale - AUTO
    £50 full one/£20 for the other (collection only)
  17. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I'm after the following parts for my 63 Ghia: Wiper motor and mechanism Wiper arms Ignition barrel with key Interior light Can anyone can help? Thanks
  18. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi y'all, See the listing on fleabay for more detail: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=231052453478 Cheers :D
1-18 of 86 Results