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    just watched and enjoyed u1d V liverpool very much tho i thought a draw wouldve been a fair result,but u1d won 2-1 Looking forward to the next game ill go arsenal 1 man city 1 :D
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    I'm missing it, we don't seem to have much any more so lets have some, bring it on :D
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    will it keep Rafa in a job tho ? still you beat them brummies :lol::lol::lol: still wankers mind ;)
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    come on liverpool,i think they can win...
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    I'm a happy man for the 2nd time this week :D
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    Taken from Yahoo Sport. :lol: Thu Oct 22 09:01AM We all know what old people are like. Opinionated, insensitive and incontinent, mainly. And while ED cannot vouch for the state of Sir Alex Ferguson's bladder (in tip-top shape, no doubt), it comes as little surprise that the 67-year-old...
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    :cool: Couldn't of cared less who won, but it was a stonker of a match
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    extra time 1 - 0 please please please it will be a hell of a upset :D ps the title says common i meant come on :lol:
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    To you know who! :moon::moon::moon::moon::moon:
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    Up to Liverpool now to make it count
1-11 of 11 Results