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    with you sat in 4th and ***** in 12th I can see who got the better bargain :eek: :rolleyes: :( mid table minority is here Mr Moyes........
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    Not!!!!!! One day maybe in 20 years or more you might actually think your as good as utd
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    0-2 after 17 minutes. :eek:
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    AVB & Mancini looking for new jobs in the summer ?
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    i think they can ..i know with the money spent they should .
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    Chelsea fans are protesting about the proposals to demolish Stamford Bridge and relocate, a fan this morning said,"You can't just bulldoze 7 years of history"
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    It asks this question on my profile with the utterly horrific answer of Liverpool. I didn't add this! How can I remove it? There's no "edit pen" link next to it.. I feel sick..
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    u.nited of course the superior, they are both looking good so far :eek: citeh with the sqillions spent, unit.ed more conservative less flamboyant but better ;) cheatski seem to be mediocre, nice to see the scouse lot doing well for a change :lol:
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    love this day..still more deals to be done..love skysports news :D
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    some people really do need to get a life, I have someone who lives three doors away a bit like this, a real victor meldrew, we live in a cul-de sac, he thinks he owns it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2031345/Boy-threatened-5-000-fine-playing-noisily-garden.html
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    Group A: Bayern Munich, Villarreal, MAN CITY, Napoli Group B: Inter Milan, CSKA Moscow, Lille, Trabzonspor Group C: MAN UTD, Benfica, Basel, Otelul Galati Group D: Real Madrid, Lyon, Ajax, Dinamo Zagreb Group E: CHELSEA, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen,Genk Group F: ARSENAL, Marseille, Olympiakos...
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    3 yards out and put over the bar :lol:
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    :mad:No not Manure fans or Chelsea, Barcelona etc.... but the ones that seem to have a shirt for every "big club". Theres a cunt at my new job, first time I saw him he wore a manure shirt, another day Barcelona, then Real Madrid and today Arsenal! Has he no shame? If he turns up in a Man City...
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    The champions league final is this coming Saturday at Wembley London England. Who will you be supporting and cheering on?
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    It is FA cup final this Saturday, who will you be supporting? Third final in best part of 20 years to not feature any of the following: *****, Chelsea and Arsenal.
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    Watching ***** and just wondering what ***** are going to do about replacing RVDS. Aparently some German keeper turned them down.
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    Wonder what conversation with start after U N I T E D thrash the second rate manchester team?
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    rooney scores a class hatrick then f-ing and blinding at camera,not nice when im watching it with 5 year old nephew..
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    now you know how much i dislike the mancs, but unfortunately i have to admit that this goal can only be described as technically brilliant. sad but true !
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    None They like living in the shade
1-20 of 30 Results