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    1-0 man u1d giggs 22 mins with big mistake from czech and romeu..
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    liverpool home win for me..:D
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    Mostly supporting Swansea City. :D Man Citeh have done their bit and gained a win over Newcastle, it could all be over this evening for the premiership.
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    Make of it what you will, I hope he's given a fair chance. Personally, I think he's got the potential to do a great job, but time will tell. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17888928
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    Score draw for me. :D
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    WHOA!!!! :eek::eek:
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    come on city !!
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    . . . I AM GERMAN! ;) :D
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    looking forward to this game,im going to sit on the fence on this one.just hope football wins :D
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    after 5 mins madrid 1 up adebayor header.. stadium looks superb.
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    Who will you be supporting and wanting to win? I think it is fairly obvious who I want to win.....
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    Think we are on for a win today, Carroll to feature too. Will be a close thing but my prediction is 2-1. :cool: (If Berbatov cheats again I hope he gets sent off, banned and gets home to find his house burnt down)
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    Is Wayne Rooney the cheat or Manchester Utd. for not taking action against him? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/man_utd/9409644.stm If the referee had seen this clearly it should have been a red card. The club ought to suspend Rooney to show they do not condone his thuggery...
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    Arse sat firmly on my sofa and I think 1-1 and a defensive game
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    Irrespective of who he plays for... Did he look up and check with the ref if he could kick the ball? Play to the whistle. Awful to concede for the Hotspurts but actually what did he do wrong? And before anyone says " he didn't display sportsmanship"...rare appearances only of sportsmanship...
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    But well done Everton on thwarting the great satan. :D
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    well plymouth argyle ended up 23rd in the championship,so relegated to div 1.:(
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    Hey, I love this site and all, but when I first joined up, I was asked the question "what is the greatest football club?" and it prompted me to answer Liverpool, stupidly and kinda thinking it was one of those security type features, I answered Liverpool. Now I'm stuck with it and every bugger...
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    Good game, good game! :D As a neutral… Come on Villa! :D
1-20 of 25 Results