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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Gathering off the Hill http://www.gothvw.co.uk/ who's going? I may pop up on Sunday, is it any good? many traders/jumblers go? I've never been before!
  2. Show Scene
    Gathering Off The Hill 2011 will be at a new location see www.volkswigan.co.uk/Gathering.html for more info You will also find on there links to our facebook and twitter as well as a link to our new site :cool:
  3. Show Scene
    Gathering Off The Hill GOTH 2011 Fri 26th - Mon 29th August Bank Holiday weekend Web site will be updated for 2011 very soon www.volkswigan.co.uk/gathering Find us Facebook: Gathering Off The Hill It's going to awesome this year!
  4. Chat/Discussion
    The web page for Gathering Off The Hill 2009 aka GOTH has now been updated :) and it is back at the Royal Umpire Caravan Park in Croston www.volkswigan.co.uk/Gathering.html ;)
  5. Show Scene
    Gathering Off The Hill 2009 Bank Holiday weekend 28th - 31st August Back at The Royal Umpire Caravn Park Croston click below for more info Gathering Off The Hill Sponsorship inquires to [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results