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    I know that not everyone can fix their own car and some people don't have the time etc. I have had jobs on my various vw done at garages myself when time or knowledge was lacking. I also know that it's probably keeping the vw scene going at has almost defiantly resulted in the increase in people...
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    Simply great, just stumble across this by accident. Blind guitarist was asked on the stage from the public. Sooo nice of Bono and I bet great experience for all public and this bloke! That's what music is about - sharing good spirit. How he get there: Song itself (close up):
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    Earn £42,475 or more? You're gonna get stung by 40% tax, nice one Cameron :mad:
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    worth a watch if you are interested in personalized number plates. cringe worthy to watch at some points http://www.channel4.com/programmes/ur-50-v41n/4od#2930921
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    anyone watching it? so far it is really good... and really interesting...
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    Am I missing something or is there any appeal to his shite? I accept that people have different views on what consitutes art, but £10.3m for a feckin' 'Golden Calf'? :eek: What prententious fuckwit wants that in their house? The piss taking bastard raked in £70m at Sotheby's yesterday, with...
1-6 of 6 Results