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    After the rebirth of the dizzy rascals thread, it reminds me that this is almost upon is once again. This coming Sunday the 22nd at Santa Pod. :D I know it is not an air cooled focused day, but all VAG cars are welcome, even Ducati's. The track will be open for RWYB and we may even see a few...
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    Was just on the Big Bang website and found a picture of me taking the 1303 around the little handling track on Saturday morning. :D Despite the fact that the only thing slower than me was a T4 panel van and 2 Daleks, I had a right blast, so thanks to Brian, Glen and Kevo for that but I was...
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    ...so who's going then?.
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Yay! BACK AT THE POD IN 09 :D :D Season underway again, lots of laughter and happiness and people and cars and DRAG RACING :D THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!11 I had a great weekend as always :D
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    Who's going then? :D I am :D
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    My mate wants to run his MK1 Gof cabrio at the GTi show... will he need a crash helmet? Thanks :D
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    any1 going? if so who and what ya driving so i can keep me eyes out for vzi peeps :)
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    i have to start planning now cos i have set weekends in work! Dubfreeze--a must! Devadubs--best drive Bug-In---bestest beer Dubstock--bestest value and thats as far as my mind could stretch witout lookin at a calender
1-8 of 8 Results