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  1. Chat/Discussion
    So we get here, all looks good, its 5am Planes are flying we look at planes flying Then all that goes to shit, so we stay, we get hire car, this time we go for the cheapest we can find within a 20 yard walk from hotel, and its this little marvel, so new it has no plates! We head...
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    Hi guys, we landed here a bit ago, had a beer and lunch, now in apple store playing on ipads, will be off for more beers in a tic, it's 3:20pm here:D
  3. Chat/Discussion
    For the honeymoonz we went to Big Island for a relaxing few days, on the long flight of half an hour we decided we wanted to upgrade from our compact rental car to something nicer, there are loads of Mustang verts and Dodge Chargers over here, but we wanted a new Challenger, luckily they had one...
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    Just wanted to wish them the best day ever. hope its sunny for ya! ;) Pomaika`i!!
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Well, later we are, we picked up the hire car to go to the airport in, its a nice 2009 Passat TDi estate, I cannot get the hang of the button handbrake though :lol: I reach for that handbrake that isnt there, then press the button, then remember I need to press the brake for it to work, so do...
1-5 of 5 Results