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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    All can be taken to VolksWorld SP 1500 heads £75 ITC 36 Weber Carb and Manifold £175 Twin Port fan housing tin £50 Porsche 944 Arms £125 (pair) unfortunately other arm is at a lock up garage but still same condition
  2. Items Wanted - AUTO
    NO LONGER NEEDED! Thanks for all the help and messages! We love you VZi, we do...
  3. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I brought a repro framehead from vw heritage for my project but when it turned up it was awful quality, nothing lines up and the beam doesn't sit straight at all. what are peoples experiences with these? did I just get a duff one or are they all like this? The one I have is a brazilian made one...
  4. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, the video gives you a DIY video tutorial, how to replace the gasket of the cylinder head cover at your Passat 35i. The video has a German soundtrack, but Englisch subtitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the subtitle...
  5. Items Wanted - AUTO
    One of my heads is knackered, picked one up off eBay and that's worse, so what have people got lurking in the corner of their garage? As long as it isn't cracked not bothered on condition. Thanks
  6. Items For Sale - AUTO
    I have two heads, both right hand side, for 1.8/2.0l engine. One was all cleaned up for an engine rebuild, valve seats ground etc, after 20 miles, false economy of not getting new valves, one bent! It's still stuck in the head, very fixable though. Other one was taken off a working engine, but...
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hey! I need a pair of good 1600 twinport heads. Help me make my bus happy again! Let me know your price / location /postage if you can help. Cheers!
  8. Chat/Discussion
    I have a mk2 polo with a 1.3 1272 cc (1981) 4-cylinder petrol engine and i was wonder in can you put in a diesel block and crank shaft in it off the 1.3 L (1986) 4-cylinder diesel engine. If so what can i bore the block out to as well? I want the diesel block and crank as they are stronger as...
  9. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hello everyone. Any help is really appreciated OK so my engine seemed rubbish, so I took some advice and fitted refurbed 36 Dels, and took my bus to a rolling road chap for tuning. After a long and frustrating week of waiting, and the chap measuring compression and and setting timing and valve...
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi all, I am in need of a new cylinder head for my T4 project, I had previously built my engine and she ran like a dream BUT a screw somehow got into my cambelt and made the timing jump...... enough said! :mad: so this now leaves me in the need of a new cylinder head, I need one for a 1.9td...
  11. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    I've just bought a T25 1.9 WBX Camper. One of the selling points was the guy who owns it had fitted a recon engine in 2007/8 but had never driven the van since. When I went to look at it the temperature gauge went straight over to max and the LED was flashing. We stopped it immediately and...
  12. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I've had to buy a brand new head for my 1600 twin port because the old one had cracked around the hole for one of the spark plugs. Do I have to remove the barrels and lap them into the new head, or can I just bolt it straight on? Thanks P.S. What causes a head to crack?
  13. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    One of the manifold studs has pulled out of the head of my 1200 engine causing an air leak. How can I fix this?
  14. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Frame head for Beetle 66-77. Brand new. Never fitted. From Heritage these are £80.95 (113-701-037/XL). This one is £65 including post & packing or £50 if you come and pick it up from Leicester.
1-15 of 15 Results