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  1. Europe
    I consider taking my two kids on a camping holiday in France or Italy, but we have never been on holiday in these countries before. Many years ago, I was on a holiday in Bibione in Italy, but I can hardly remember the country. So where should we spend our holiday next year?:)
  2. Chat/Discussion
    A bit of a dream here, but I thought it worth asking. The idea was to drive to Hammerfest to see the northern lights.. But it seems that the Newcastle to Stavanger (IIRC) ferry is no longer active, meaning it'd take about £671 of petrol plus teh channel tunnel and a couple ferries, and no doubt...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    I've just got back from a weekend adventure with www.tipiadventure.co.uk It was a great weekend, of course made all the better due to the weather! We stayed over in a nearby campsite on friday night, I consumed too much pub beer :rolleyes: which left me quite hungover on the saturday. We drove...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Heya guys and girls, I'm after some inspiration for places to visit this summer. Last year 5 friends and I took 2 cars (a golf tdi & A3 tdi you'll be pleased to hear!) for a 3,300mile holiday drive across western mainland Europe. We drove down through France stopping at Chartres near Paris...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Just wondered, are there any annual sort of cruises of a big distance, eg across france etc? Thanks Alex
  6. Chat/Discussion
    ...........driving to the airport and flying to Majorca:D:D:D A week in the sun beckons. 1st sunny holiday in nearly 5 years, bloody excited:D What you doing this fine October day?
  7. Chat/Discussion
    I travelled to Stockton Marina near Warwick on Friday to meet up with my oldest friends for a barge weekend. From my advice thread, thought a few may be interested in some of the pictures. :) Starting off as you mean to go on Cool car I saw in the pub carpark Our trusty barge Dorothy...
1-7 of 7 Results