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    Hello everybody Check out Rebecca's Website. (my lovely wife) www.rebecca-trek-india.co.uk She is going to do a trek in india for 10 days in 2011 for the "Yorkshire Cancer Centre" in Leeds and need your support. Please sponsor her by clicking on Donations. THANKS. :) Alex.
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    The Beetle has a bigger role to play for Volkswagen India than just the numbers writes business-standard.com. At Rs 20.45 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, the Beetle - unlike its illustrious predecessor - is not exactly a people's car. Though you'd never realise that going by people's reactions when...
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    Neeraj Garg, director, Volkswagen Passenger cars talks about playing catch-up in the Indian market using the Polo and the Beetle. And tells us a bit about the German car maker's very Deutsch ways writes The Economic Times. The Indian car market has transformed drastically over the years with...
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    Because of high import duties, the Bug will have a hefty price tag when Volkswagen begins importing them from Mexico On sale-A slice of history for Rs 20 lakh apiece. The Volkswagen Beetle, the world's longest running and most-produced car of a single design, will be available in India in three...
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    It's a shame he's in it really, otherwise I'd be quite enjoying it. Or enjoying it more... His old man looks like a cool old bloke. Nice bikes and a lovely ratty old suitcase. The isle of man, more motorbikes. Shame ballbag is in it, it really is.....
1-5 of 5 Results