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  1. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Apple 128GB iPad Air 2 WiFi + Cellular Top of the range spec Apple iPad Air 2 for sale… It's space grey in colour, has the largest 128GB storage (so tons of room for photos, video, music etc), and has Wi-Fi and Cellular options (factory unlocked to any network), boxed with all the bits...
  2. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Hi all, Looking to sell my white iPad, bought in June 2012. 32GB Wifi Retina Display Siri, etc. Perfect condition, never been outside of it's complete protective case Fully boxed as new Brand new official apple charge two weeks ago Full specs can be seen on this link here - a recent eBay...
  3. Items Wanted - NON AUTO
    Cost......as little as possible please. Let me know what you have :) Cash waiting Many thanks & No worries
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Okay so how popular are these things really? I have been given one (iPad) to play with for work and hear that tablets are the way forward and will outsell laptops in the next 2 years. I've used it for a few things, even a couple of design/drawing programs, but i'll still do everything "proper"...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Issue 3 of Aircooled Classics - VW & Porsche is out! View online at http://www.aircooledclassicsmagazine.com Let me know if you think it's going the right way... Paul
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Best iPad 2 case in the world evAR! …OK, so I might be a tad biased as it was made by my amazing wife, from beautiful recycled fabric. I totally love the sumptuous colours and juxtaposition of the finish/material of the case with the sleekness of the iPad 2 :D
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Right, I've had my iPad a week now and I love it, I think I've pretty much mastered it now except for one little thing. How do I post pics on the forum with it? on my mac I used to just right click a pic, copy image address, paste image address in post and put img tags on. Or with photo bucket...
  8. Chat/Discussion
    Goes on sale on friday at 1am online and 5pm in apple stores. 5pm FFS:( I was going to go down friday morning and buy one, but I wont be able to get there for 5pm. Spose I'd best just order one online. On a positive note, they are £30 cheaper than the ipad1 was on launch:D
  9. Chat/Discussion
    After telling myself that it'd be stupid to buy an iPad when the iPad 2 is so certain to be announced soon I've caved in :lol: The rumours about the iPad 2 being smaller, thinner, having a camera, facial recognition and a retina screen don't bother me because I think that the iPad is great the...
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Who has one? Are they any good? I have wanted an ipad for a while now, I was going to get one at Christmas but decided to hold out for summer to see if a new version is released. Now I have seen the galaxy tab in the local Tesco for £325, it seems really good quality and a better more...
  11. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Well I hadn't really thought I would be doing this as I have only just bought it but I'm low on funds this month and haven't used it as much as I thought, I may change my mind on this but for now this is for sale. 16GB wifi edition Apple iPad I'm sure you know the details but here they are...
  12. Chat/Discussion
    Are you still loving them, or is the new gadget rose tintedness starting to wear off? :)
  13. Chat/Discussion
    Once again Apple has created a revolutionary product that will nether the less bring thousands or people queing to buy their iPad wether you like it or not. My problem is although i will be geting it and had planned to get it end of April (of Which was first planned for release in the UK) So...
  14. Chat/Discussion
    . . . for VZi Member Sponsors. :) Please don't break it ;) I'll list a few 'tips' on this thread and you guys can let us have any observations/questions/suggestions too. ('Moon on a stick' posters will be told to "fuck off" - Nef's fried his brains on this one - so be 'gentle' ;)) OK . . ...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    (apple ipad) the much rumoured Apple iTablet or iSlate… if the rumours turn out to be true, and an Apple iTablet or iSlate is launched next Wednesday, is it gonna be a flop or another innovative first for the team at Cupertino?
1-17 of 17 Results