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    Like many folk, I have different Itunes tracks on my laptop, and PC and 3 Ipods with different stuff on. I want them all to have the same stuff on. Plus I have a laptop change due soon. I see there are a few firms offering software to allow you to lift stuff off Itunes and put it back on...
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    I've tried dragging and dropping while I have it open via my computer and the picture in another open my computer window which is how I dropped pictures onto my old phone what am I doing wrong is this something which is not possible :confused:
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Does anyone else find that their itunes library can't find the album artwork for half of their music? Most of my itunes library is made up of imported CD's, I own all the originals and they all have pretty pictures on the front covers telling you what is inside. When imported into itunes...
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    :mad: as the title says ive just managed to wipe everything off my i pod classic hundreds of songs and 10 ish films , i dont suppose theres any way of getting them back is there ?
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    Hello all! :D I've had a problem pop up recently with my iPhone and iTunes. When I connected my iPhone to iTunes a few days ago, it wouldn't recognise as anything connected (no error message, just didn't show it in iTunes). Then if I did manage to get it to show, it just crashed iTunes...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    My lad had just got a Nano for Christmas, and we were wondering if there is another route other than Itunes or putting CD's onto my computer, then sticking them on. Obviously it needs to be legal to post up on here, but any other methods welcome via PM. Oh, by 'other' i mean free. My old...
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    Hi just had an replaced ipod so gotto upload the 19000 songs from my itunes to ipod...thats not a prob.. the prob is I have about 100 odd playlists and only know how to drag and drop one at a time...cannot select all and drop.. is there anyway I can select all the playlist at once and then drag...
  8. Chat/Discussion
    the missus has just informed me that she is getting me a laptop for xmas, i can transfer all my files etc from the current one i use, but how do you go about moving your i-tunes library across? all help greatly appreciated :) cheers paul :D
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Just bought a friends ipod for my son,It has over 400 songs on ,lots that my son would like to keep.Ive been told that if i plug this in to my computer,It will wipe the songs because they're on someone elses itunes library.Is this true?Also ive got my ipod/itunes library,Will this affect...
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Bought the missus an I Pod for her birthday so am new to this I Tunes stuff. Just a quick question, why can i only get album artwork for some albums and not others?
  11. Chat/Discussion
    Sorry if this question has been asked a million times before but I'm having trouble figuring it out... I need to convert music from my itunes (mp4 to mp3) to play through my car stereo via a memory stick. All the file converters I've tried don't seem to work or are old ones I installed ages ago...
  12. Chat/Discussion
    Does anyone know . . . I've stuck a CD in my PC and iTunes has gone and found the album info, but came back with several options as it didn't quite recongnise which CD it was . . . I've selected an option but now realise it was the wrong one . . . :rolleyes: How do I get iTunes to re-search...
  13. Chat/Discussion
    :o I do hate these things but the iphone is my music buffer to my iRiver. Can you manually delete an album? I've figured out how to manually add albums to the iphone from the library but I can't see how I can delete. The actual phone doesn't have an option for delete that I can see, and in...
  14. Chat/Discussion
    I am finally gonna get myself up to date and buy an ipod nano 16GB but I have a few questions someone may be able to answer - I already searched but couln't find what I needed. 1. My wife already has an ipod and has itunes on our pc, can I upload her music to my ipod? 2. I wont want all her...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    If you rip a CD while the computer isn't connected to the internet, can you get the tracklisting/cd info when you next connect to the web? :) Wiltsteve
  16. Chat/Discussion
    As above ! ;) I need o remove all songs from my IPOD but leave them in my I tunes library. How do I do this without having to select each song individually ?:lol: Cheers :)
  17. Chat/Discussion
    I've got a classic registered on my itunes and the missus has bought a new nano, and she wants to use my i tunes when plugging it in it asks to update to version 8 of i tunes... Stupid question, BUT if I do this will I lose all my tunage that is currently stored? Ta
  18. Chat/Discussion
    I got an iPod Classic for Xmas and since then I have spent the next month slowly putting all my CD's onto my iPod so I can use them in my Camper this year. Only managed to get about 140 albums done so far but it was a start. I plugged my iPod in on Saturday only to find that ALL my music is...
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    i can only see how to burn it?
  20. Chat/Discussion
    ive not been onto itunes on my computer for ages, i tried it today and i keep getting this message 'the folder itunes cannot be found or created and is required. the default location for this folder is in the music folder.' i tried creating this folder in my documents and under the user file. i...
1-20 of 37 Results