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    proper lush crem/ tan / brown velour interior too :D it was for sale, i asked the bloke how much and he looked me up and down and walked off :rolleyes:
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    these are really turning my head at the moment
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    As title..Are there any datsun cherry owners on volkszone?? Identify yourselves and it might be to your advantage! I've got a feeling darrenw might be??
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    I pulled up at the light on my high st and saw a strange looking vw van drive past.It looked like a modern mini van crossed with a bay/splitscreen.I have done a google search to see what I could find.It's shows a new mini van called a Routan...
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    Hello Sir, My mate has just bought a Mazda MX-5 to play with and is looking for some inspiration. Do you have anything in your library? Cheers Bry :) ps. no rush though! pps. other people feel free to add anything.
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    this is barmy
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    Mark (unhinged) said you'd wanna see this... :)
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    Am I mad? It's way too new and girly for me but I think I want one. Anyone else got one?
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    its on the exhaust downpipe just below manifold, Is it a cat or what? :confused: winter daily bought as an mot failure, brakes & welding.:( 1.0 auto 16v twin cam thingy. Any good????
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    time to sell my subaru forester as dont really need the 4 wheel drive anymore... been looking at a lexus is200 sport... anyone know anything about these? ive read reviews and seem to be pretty good but cant beat a real opinion.... thanks
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    just wondered what it is, haven't seen one before
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    Dunno what the score is whether they are being Saved/Raced or what, but I found these In a compound In the local scrappys I appologise about the photos but they were a bit covert. Yup theres a rotten MG waiting for someone with a big wallet and even bigger pipe and Beard but what else... what...
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    We regularly have gasser, hotrod, Prosche (and even sometimes VW :incheek:) threads for pics of cool cars. As a little experiment lets see if a Jap car thread sinks to oblivion or generates any interest - stock or tastefully modified/motorsport not ruined ones preferrably :) This one...
1-15 of 15 Results