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  1. Chat/Discussion
    I've always been one of those people can look after themselves (just about, even though I've ben twatted a few times :lol: ) and will always look after others if I can but, there's always the hard ones. Are you one of them?
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Went into Hastings earlier with Ruth and her granddaughter, whilst there some drunken local covered in interesting tattoo's and half of sheffield in his face (ear things the size of the the channel tunnel, nose ... hangings and something like studs in his face and forehead) walked past then...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Police-use-a-sign-to-warn-burglars-about-expensive-tools I'm confused...:confused:
  4. Chat/Discussion
    I'm fucking pissed off with it already.....stupid cuddly toys everywhere and cocking heart shit......for fucks sake twat off!* *Bitterness on behalf of single people is contained in this thread :p
  5. Chat/Discussion
    I was wondering if any body can help! as all my friends are useless ! looking to buy or build a 10sec car but budget is £10000 or alot less lol does any body know weather this could be possible? air cooled or water cooled but has to be VW!!!!!
  6. Vehicles For Sale
    my audi a4 estate bought off my mate Its a 1.8 petrol drives great goes well 210k.engine was replaced by previous owner. full set of weitec coilover suspension all round cost over a grand full raven leather interior inc rs steering wheel. s4 front grill and bra cd player genuine 18" audi 'fat...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Was watching this earlier from my window: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/10603520.stm Doesn't look like anyone was hurt, but still nasty. They're still damping it down now.
  8. Chat/Discussion
    so you find this bloke is nicking shit off you ...would it be so wrong to kick the fuck out the dude ?? like bat the fucker to bits ?? dude has had his warnings you know you may end up in truble ...what do you do ??? smack is teath out just out of fuckin princable and worry bout the shit after...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Can you delete specific posts/threads on a forum from a poster without deleting their account? Something odd has happened on another forum and the mods are not answering...
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Had a run in with a couple of arses, on a bike forum over the last couple of weeks, conversation was getting more and more heated so I dropped it, both guys were in it to just wind me up, so thought 'fuck it' cant be bothered... then started getting pm's..... quite threatening ones, they...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    Got back to my office today after the dental debacle and found it full of people waiting to go into a meeting, they are all hippie types and all are veggie (I heard them discussing their lunch) anyways they are discusssing 'Save the planet'and coming out with a load of media bollox, so being...
  12. Chat/Discussion
    A mate of mine is currently restoring an old Pontiac Transam and has had a bit of engine machining work done by an old boy who has a unit locally. He has often described the guy to me as some sort of old Albert Steptoe lookalike who smokes **** all day. Anyway he goes to this guys garage the...
  13. Chat/Discussion
    It turned to violance ..still no bike but ..i know where it is and i know who ( well were roughly ) ...what is it with people :confused: they take your shit then think you just gunna roll over when they stuff it in your face :mad: i think fuckin not
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Just overheard this convo this morning by two staff who positively hate each other. 1: "Didnt see you with a bird at the staff do, they all realised what a twat you are then?" 2: "Nah, cant be bothered, I getting plenty elsewhere mate!" 1: "Like where?" 2: "Well, your missus asked me to pop...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    Even though my gf is only 17 years old yesterday she went to a model shoot and is going to be on page 3 sometime in the future (the Sun), thought it was strange how many of the models lie that there 18 but meh I can finally say she's a page 3 model :lol:
  16. Chat/Discussion
    the village next to mine (dersingham) had a big scare the other day! someone who was a member of the bnp (so address on list) got a card through with swasticas on. Had white powder in it, and said it was anthrax inside! had police, fire service, ambulance, helicopter out. it was only last year...
  17. Chat/Discussion
    ll probably regret posting this. gotta good mate, we are right close, she comes over a lot, and i really like her, i think she likes me. I wouldnt mind giving it a shot. i gotta girlfriend. I'm bored, as i always do after a few months, and i dont know whether to stick it and see if anything...
  18. Chat/Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the VW scene and after playing around with high performance jap drift cars, I've had a change after seeing some slammed bugs at brighton breeze and I've now just put a deposit down on an 1955 oval. But as I'm new to this and have only had 3 weeks to work out what to look...
  19. Chat/Discussion
    relating to a load of bollox virus/warning/msn hijacker. :shakes head: listen folks, before passing any email on to everyone in your address book, ASK someone or check it out online. 57 identical emails yesterday about a non-existent virus, so please check it before panic posting.
  20. Chat/Discussion
    passed one of these on the way home british ponce with chrysler guts - love 'em! :D
1-20 of 20 Results