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    With my new Kangoo. 1800 quid with a knackered turbo. 200 quid for a new turbo and its beautiful! If you're looking for a van, want seats that you can drive in all day, even with a knackered back, want 50+ to the gallon, 90mph if you need it. Kangoo DCI 70+ :D
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    Fablon FTW :D Two rolls of white, £3 each at Wilkos, some measuring, cutting and sticking... It'll do for now, if it doesn't stay white or starts peeling I'll just take it off and do something else :D
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    .....well, is it right.........?????? Have you bought a Kangaroo? :lol::lol: Nice looking van mate........same plans as the Caddy was gonna be? You putting the Quorsa into Coys? :incheek:
1-3 of 3 Results