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    I'm so damn fed up with windows, the cost, the viruses, the constant need for updating their flaws, the crap thats building up etc etc But.............. I've got a few questions I'd like to ask before I take the plunge into the Linux world. Anyone willing to help a noob out? :D Benny :stupid:
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    Just trying to get a feel for who uses what. Linux, Xp or Vista, or something else BEOS maybe... I know some of us use a mix, but could you also say if you work in IT.
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    Can anyone shed any light on Linux distributions and which is the best as a starting point for a total newbie. I'm thinking I would like to give it a go. Any info would be great Jim
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    Especially when its being viewed on a high speed, dual core, 64bit machine running a true 64bit Linux OS:cool: This is my first new machine for about 14 years, built it yesterday & I've never seen anything so fast :D I can now do more things at once than ever before :lol: It's not until you see...
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    Just wondered like, I use Ubuntu64.
1-5 of 5 Results