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  1. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, I got my bus (Type 1 Splitty '67 Californian Lefty) last year and all was working well, the horn was a little intermittent, but when I've started using it again this year there is no indicators, no horn, no indicators and no brake lights working at all... the high and low beam work off the...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    I've managed to pick up an original Type 3 door handle, in excellent nick. Opening mechanism works smoothly and isn't too loose/stiff. Looking for £35
  3. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Have got a 1973 wizard that im putting back on the road, its got teardrop rear lights and indicators, im just wondering... Will these be legal? - pass an MOT Will I have to get inventive and fit a reversing light? Any information greatly appreciated! :)
  4. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Fitting wing top indicators to my '66 bug wings, anyone have any measurements as to where i should drill, diagrams etc?? Would be very helpful :)
  5. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Currently someone thought it would be a good idea to fit motorbike indicators flashers behind my horngrilles on my 1966 bug, i personally never liked these, going to take it back to stock, with lovely wing-top flashers :) but....could i piggy back from the wires that are plugged up to the...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Going to get hold of wing indicators for my year bug, at the moment they are behind the horn grilles which is cool but you get alot of people giving me the "V's" when i am clearly indicating...anyway how are these to fit? Any pictures underneath the wing and size of hole to cut etc...any help...
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Anyone got any of the above, the slimmer earlier looking wing mounted indicators? Not the bigger ones you find on later 60's cars, can be repro, nice and cheap all with correct fittings aswell ;)
  8. Items For Sale - AUTO
    For sale, brand new Headlamp surrounds for upright lamps, never been opened in packet, comes with screws to fit. Located Cheshire £13
  9. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi Guys, After US Spec Beetle indicators does anybody know where I can get these from (Repros) or is anyone selling any? Attached pic to what I mean :)
  10. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    im having a problem with my rear/stop lights. with the lights on only the drivers side is lit up and when you press the brakes the passengers side lights up and drivers side goes out.:( ill check tomorrow what happens when i press the brakes with rear lights off. its a 1970 1200 if this helps...
  11. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Just need a pair of the bulb holders that will sit in my rear lights. Thx
  12. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi one and all. I've been having difficulty with some electrics and the most recent problem in my 1303s is the flashing indicator/hazard lights-they don't flash. If I put the hazards on then all orange indicator lights turn on but stay on and don't flash- likewise with left or right...
  13. Chat/Discussion
    Spotted these at bug jam and lazy sunday on the same 1303 cabrio... They look ace, i really wan't some! They are a sort of LED cluster deisgn and look very modern. But, where can you get them in the U.K, i have done a search and can't find any stockists. Thanks:cool: Max
  14. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hiya, My 73 beetle just failed its mot on a few things, nothing too major really except the lights. It has passed the past 5 MOTs (before i bought it, but i have all of the paperwork to prove it) only having 1:confused::confused: switch for the lights. Main and side lights are either on or off...
  15. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    i have a strip light that is fitted in the rear of my 71 camper which is operated by the pull switch near the steering wheel. I cant seem to find the bulb or lens i need. Anyone know where I can buy these?
  16. Items For Sale - AUTO
    MOD EDIT - Welcome to VZi. We realise you are new (registered in Nov 2009...1st post?) but please read the forum rules and try again. Pay attention to the part regarding blind links.
  17. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Photo Challenge #153 - Pretty Lights Erm, could a mod do me a favour and add "Pretty Lights" to the thread title. Ta. :) Right now there are lights everywhere. Especially Christmas lights. The photo doesn't have to be of Xmas lights, just make the light/lights look pretty and attractive...
  18. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Photo Challenge #153 - Pretty Lights Right now there are lights everywhere. Especially Christmas lights. The photo doesn't have to be of Xmas lights, just make the light/lights look pretty and attractive. It's a bit of a seasonal one in some ways, which is a bit lazy, but it's easy to do...
  19. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Any suggestions on how to make a Home-made 'Headlights left ON' alarm/buzzer circuit for a classic VW beetle (12v)? Looking to piggy-back onto the current electrics and not have to make any permenant mods (in case a future owners wants to remove it). Cheers, Mexibug :bandit:
  20. Items For Sale - AUTO
    BRAND NEW Top Quality Genuine VW Beetle Parts - BARGAINS! 1) Bumper iron, rear, left,67-73 Europa Bumper. Part No. 113-707-333/A / - £15 2) VW Beetle Carpet Set, 1965-1972, Dark Grey, RHD Perlon Nylon felted Part No. 114-898-002/D/FELT - £150 SOLD! 3) Bumper iron, front, right 68> Europa...
1-20 of 26 Results