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    *Waits for Linux comments* :)
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    i've always had troubles with my netbook running slow under windows so i had a look for a linux distribution that was fairly light and would support my 3G mobile broadband fairly easily... whilst searching the ubuntu forums i stumbled across someone mentioning Jolicloud and saw that there was...
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    I have recently got myself a NSLU2 to connect some hard drives to my network. I've custom firmwared it up but I need to finish installing other linux packages to it. To do this I need to update the software on the NSLU2. I've managed to install the custom firmware as required and can Telnet...
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    .... Whatever you do don't try and make a recovery memory stick using the CD supplied in the box. As you know the AAO doens't have an optical drive so you need to make it in another computer. What they don't tell you is that in trying to create the recovery memory stick it will delete the MBR...
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    Hi computer peeps ;) I have my Dell inspiron with 'Ubuntu' system - I connected it to the cable upstairs and it worked immediately. Struggling now with the 3 broadband dongle - when I installed it on the WIndows powered 1501 laptop you plug the dongle in and it tells you what to do and away...
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    Just loaded it onto an old NC6000 with 512 of ram, 18 minutes to install and everything works. :D
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    I'm getting my hands on a pc but it comes with MS XP installed and I hate it. I don't want to buy Vista, I'm used to Macs as home devices so does anyone have experience with Linux? Where do you get it and is there a nice easy front end to work it from? I want the PC connected to my Plasma and...
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    I'm sure most people have heard that Top Gear has had to have a budget cut. They still have a pretty mad budget per episode. But apparently... Clarkson is paid four million a year... now it wasn't many years ago the BBC had a top wack of under £300K, but given what they pay Jonathan Ross it's...
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    A useful little installer thatallows you to install a copy of linux directly onto your desktop with in windows - so you can test it out and see if you like it.... http://wubi-installer.org/ have a look...
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    we've just brought a Linux based notepad for number 1 son. Trying to connect it to our wireless network, and keep getting an 'IP address invalid' error message. Any ideas?
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    Been running Ubuntu 8 on this laptop and Fedora 10 on another, have decided to put a bigger HD in this one (found a 120 gig lying around) so I fancy trying another flavour of Linux. Your recommendations please.... What should I go for now?
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    I'm so damn fed up with windows, the cost, the viruses, the constant need for updating their flaws, the crap thats building up etc etc But.............. I've got a few questions I'd like to ask before I take the plunge into the Linux world. Anyone willing to help a noob out? :D Benny :stupid:
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    What's it all about then?? Kept seeing Ubuntu mentioned so having a brand new laptop to play with I thought I know, I'll try and break it :D D/loaded ubuntu, installed and got it working and was willing to persevere with it until..... I broke it :( I mainly use the pooter for Email (Windows...
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    does anybody know where i can download some one the net, because my computer is runnung as slow as fuck and it's probly because theres a ton of viruses and other stuff on there(what i get for downloading stuff:rolleyes:) or i could defrag it but cant remember how to do it, thanks:)
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    Can anyone give me any advice on how the performance of a Macbook tally's up with a Vista Lappy? The Mrs want's a macbook (more for Aesthetics I think) but having never had one, I'm not sure what a 'good' spec looks like . . . How do you compare 'performance' of a Vista lappy (that sucks it's...
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    If anyone is interested, Codeweavers are having a giveaway of their CrossOver software. The offer is only available for today, sorry for the late notice :rolleyes: They planned a "Lame Duck Challenge Free Offer" (a tie in with the US elections) where you register and get a code to unlock the...
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    :rolleyes: Lost my usb boot key (suspect one of the kids took it to uni) and now cant load windows, only two boot options HD and usb key... wont see the usb cd rom drive. Tried pissed off and my drinking partner is stuck in traffic somewhere near Bournemouth. Tried making another key and its...
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    Can anyone shed any light on Linux distributions and which is the best as a starting point for a total newbie. I'm thinking I would like to give it a go. Any info would be great Jim
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    I need to change the label of my external hard drive, but unsure howto When i plug it into my computer it displays as drive F: But when i plug it into a laptop for backing up (as it has viruses i'm using 3rd party software) it displays as label E: I goto backup but the computer gets confused...
1-20 of 27 Results