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  1. Chat/Discussion
    morning folks. bored waiting for the mrs to get ready!!! (baby scan :)) so to pass the time here we go. simple really one post one word, add any word you like and the random story grows and grows. copy n paste as we go....... :) jeremy
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Is that reasonable ?? right then ..if you get a tag yes ..it says that you can uncheck the box thingy to remove it ..if the box is sorta locked ..what does that meen ?
  3. Cool Thread Archive
    :bandit: :mad: THIEVES: I paid for some stuff in B & Q this morning using Valid (11/10) KINGFISHER gift vouchers. These show as valid in: B & Q Comet Woolworths That was about 11:30 am. No Problems. Found I needed some more insulation, wife popped in about 5 p.m. to collect, tried to pay with...
1-3 of 3 Results