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    I've had excema since i was a baby,it was really bad about 10 yrs ago (just after i got married!),but it's only in the last 12 months i've really got on top of it so i'll share what i've learned so far because it would be cool for some feedback from others sufferers. I've cut out anything...
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    medical threads usually get a good response on here, the sickly lot we are. :crazy: I'm on the above tablets for sinusitis which is weird in itself (not usually prescribed for that). Started taking them yesterday, didn't notice much. Took my second dose today a couple of hours ago then went...
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    Has anyone got any tips for dealing with these, like a heat pad? I've got one in the right side of my neck and any sudden movement causes agony :mad: It doesn't help that sudden movements is my middle name :lol:
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    Following on from MaadMaxxers thread about Citalopram.. How many of you are on them, what kind of thing for and have you had any unusual side effects?? Could be a useful resource... maybe.... I have been on Citalopram for a good 4 years or so and had been on other anti-D's before that. I had...
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    Since before Christmas I've been ill on and off, first had a minor case of flu, then had tonsillitis and then having viral infection after viral infection. I think I've finally turned the corner, trying to be active, did a 7 mile walk yesterday and doing bits and pieces in the workshop just to...
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    Does anyone know anything about catching Norovirus?. My grandad was admitted to hospital for an angiogram a few days ago and my parents have just called me to tell me he has caught this Norovirus and he's in isolation. He's 86 so I'm more than a bit worried about him. Plus he's down in...
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    write up on creatinine production practical for clinical biochemistry.. A friend needs some help with this, anybody know anythin bout it? Cheers:D
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    Should I be drinking alcohol with it? :confused: I feel a bit more spaced out than a couple of beers usually does.
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    anybody here been diagnosed with this who can give me some practical tips on what i should be eating? am suspecting this is why my heads been on a rollercoaster ride for the last 30 years. had a eureka moment when i read about it, but not asked the dr for tests yet. sugar is poison..whod have...
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    Nerves are starting to kick in .. haha im such a baby .. Im booked in at 8am :( I just know im not gonna sleep tonight :p Anyone got a stiff one for me? :lol::p
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    My father in law just had a stroke It's effected his right side He was in hospital and had the "clot buster" drug around 2 hours after the stroke Within the next hour, he regained use of the right side, then it went again :( He's now transferred to a stroke ward Nurse said it looked positive...
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    just had a call from my folks n my younger brother has been taken into hospital. they aint sure what's up with him but he is slurring his words in and out of consciousness and suffering big headaches!!! Doin tests on him and all they say at the mo is, that they "think" it ISNT meningitis:(:(...
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    What the deal with these places? I had a wisdom tooth flare up a couple of weeks ago and although the gum's not inflamed anymore and most of the pain has gone, I'm still getting a really bad pain in my jaw/molars when I tense my jaw. I know I need to see a dentist because it's definitely not...
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    hi all had a phone call last night my little bro (27)has testicular cancer its got his liver lungs lymph nods kidney and going to have a scan tomorrow to see if it has got to his brain, has anyone got any info about this as i dont know much about it and my head isnt straight enough for googling...
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    Ummm, that's about it really, why does this happen? Sometimes when I wee (admittedly it is when I REALLY NEED a wee) I shiver just before the end, not at the start, that's more of an "Aaaaargh that feels better" moment, not in the middle when it's more of a "Hmmm that's a fairly impressive piss...
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    1300 cases in the last year of record, about 1% will have long term complication. About 5 years ago about 10 cases The direct result of not enough parents having their children vaccinated through the rubbish talked about MMR vaccine.
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    Is there such a thing as "mild" diabetes? I always thought you either had it or didn't :confused: There is a reason behind my question but it would take me days to explain.
1-17 of 17 Results