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    words that irritate you or make you cringe... i hate the words pedantic jizz/jizzum minge juxtaposition - WTF?! and phrases think outside the box with all due respect :mad: :mad:
  2. Chat/Discussion
    As some of you may remember...Jim the naked Mannequin (that used to scare the crap out of me every morning when I opened the studio door) was taken down to the main shop to model hunting gear for a few months... and has just come back to the studio to be snapped wearing the next seasons gear...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Have you heard about the new craze sweeping the pubs and clubs ? You fill a womens' vagina with vodka and then suck it out using a straw. Doctors our warning about the dangers of minge drinking. Baboomtish :D
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Run to the Hills in august - 7 quid for adults(!) kids free/kids entertainment/nice bands (set in the side of a double decker bus) spill over field etc - about 1500 people at a guess - fuckin lovely even though it drizzled. large shows are the antithesis of the VW spirit - cash instead of...
1-5 of 5 Results