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    Hello! I need help please... a bit of a novice here :) I got my first beetle in August and now it's due for its MOT and I'm pretty sure it will need a bit of work doing (the horn isn't working). Do I need to find a specialist VW garage that knows Beetles inside out, or am I OK to go to the...
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    In the same way that the tax exempt cut off has a certain influence... Will the 1960 cut off alter prices and interests too? I must say... if I was looking for a pre 67 Beetle I would now look for a pre 1960 one... so it suddenly occurred to me it could have a fair size effect on values. But...
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    Just got back from having the van MOT'd, passed with no advisories which is a bonus. But Expiry date is 4th jan..................................2013!! Tried phoning the garage but he's closed til the new year. It's not changed to a 2 year validity had it?? :confused::lol:
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    Heard today that new rules from 12/2011 include failing cars that have been chipped! WTF. Any MOT testers on here confirm this? http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/repository/MoT%20-%20Issue%2048%20-%20Oct%202010.pdf
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    was working down a local garage doing some repairs to there forecourt whist there i stuck me van in mot ,he was telling me some ideas the ministry (read government) have put forward these are not law just ideas........... new cars first mot four years then every year till there ten yr old ...
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    Hi, My VW Golf MOT test failed today on one count: "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.2b)" Car: VW Golf SE 1.6 Y-Reg 2001 model Fast idle test: CO, HC & Lambda test FAIL Please advice next action to pass this Carbon emission at the earliest, I...
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    hi, is it legal to drive a car to a garage, pre booked for mot work when the mot has expired? clearly if the car is dangerous that's something else.. but to drive a reasonably ok car that's insured but not taxed, is that ok?? cheers
1-7 of 7 Results