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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Been looking for a while now but seem to get a lot that look like this ? What does it mean when the engine cover looks like this ? this car has full service history 2002 Said it was a local used car 10k in the last 2 years 54k on the clock Should i be worried ? Any honest opinions...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    I am clearing my spare room/store room:lol: I cant believe what I am finding in there,things I had forgotten was there,think I have to much stuff:lol: Are you a hoarder? and do you know exactly what you have and where it is?
  3. Chat/Discussion
    What is the shittest thing you can buy for a car? I`ll start...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Concept - Reality - Personally, I'm loving the rear end of it... Fanny-Tastic! About time they made a good looking Coupé :) Wiltsteve
  5. Chat/Discussion
    .......Or worse??? those of you who read my bitchy workmates and bullying bossses thread will know whats going on in my office, but yesterday this nasty new manager turned on me, and dragged another manager into the office and stood over me and shouted at me like a 10 year old! so i stood up...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    I turned 21 recently, and sat down and had a think about some of the cars / vans I've owned over the last few years... and scared myself :eek: Also, bear in mind (excluding insurance and tax).... I bought the bay, and I bought my first T25. Obviously I still have the bay, but the first T25...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    I'm stuck at work today but tbh I'm not that bothered as I'm working today so I can have next Saturday off to go to Dubfreeze !! Yay :)
  8. Chat/Discussion
    fuckin women - they really are the devil in disguise. trapped in a loveless fuck up of a relationship with two kids (one hers, one ours). just feel like getting in the car and heading for the nearest tree. yes i am drunk or i wouldnt eve rpost something like this.
  9. Chat/Discussion
    it' keeps hanging down :moon:
  10. Chat/Discussion
    I just can't stand MK2 polos
  11. Chat/Discussion
    to clean your engine case i sprayed the stuff all over left it for an hour thet jetwashed it. Big mistake its left the case with huge pitting all over and nearly knackered it:eek: anyone got any tips for next time what to use.
  12. Chat/Discussion
    All the "people" who want to appear on Big Brother, Trisha, Jeremy Vyle, "my family is a disaster", "I'm a complete moron". "my wife is my sister but I'm having an affair with my mum". Were placed in a large room and then shot. A little extreme perhaps, but times are hard, the economy is in...
  13. Chat/Discussion
    Fukin av it :) http://www.ravegenerator.com/ (sorry if it a repost)
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Found in my garden this morning - update p2 Found him in my garden this morning, in a bad way, didn't even move when i picked him up. Managed to get some water into him now he's at the animal hospital down the road. We still have a fair bit of snow up here so he was probably starving.
  15. Chat/Discussion
    Just wondering if anybody has had any work done by Air speed uk as ive been in the Bournemouth area and into my dubs for years and have never heard of them.And with as bold a statement as the UKs leading aircooled engine builders can anyone enlighten me to who they are and where theyve been?
  16. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Compomotive cxn 500 fronts 15x9 rears 15x10 porsche stud patern 5x130 tyres fronts not so good rears in good condition 225 50 yokos wheels where fitted to an 80s wide body 911 dont realy know what these are worth people have said they could be worth £800 but would consider any...
  17. Chat/Discussion
    any single ladies here is your man:lol :
  18. Show Scene
    West yorkshire dubs is a new monthy meet that will be taking place every second wednesday. the first meet will be on 11th of march at the British Oak Pub, Aberford Road, Wakefield maps from all motorways will be on the website all vw,audi,skoda,seat models are welcome water and air cooled the...
1-18 of 18 Results