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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    vw part #111415655A stock for early 50's beetles; fits all 50's beetles. flawless work of art, never installed three spoke, black. the NOS horn button is included. always carefully stored indoors add shipping and paypal, photos on request. item is in oregon, usa. US$450.
  2. Chat/Discussion
    managed to get these pics befor they were taken off ;) Chip foose and the gang put this together for a episode of overhaulin. (not aired yet) lots of crazy things going on with it! not to my taste but thought vzi'ers may want to see it. built for a guy called Hot Dog fred!
  3. Chat/Discussion
    I'll start... :incheek: Sorry, I had to drag it up again. :D:D Can't find the original thread anymore, though. :( (Was it Football365?) Anyway, does anybody have the picture where someone drew comedy breasts on her?
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Is anyone else having trouble connecting to thesamba.com website or is it just me?
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Tonight on way back from Vanfest, had a rather tasty young lady in passenger seat as well. I tried to flash him down but he shot off next junction :)
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Hi, I'd like tell you all about a fantastic new site called TorqueVW. TorqueVW is a new site that intends to inform, educate and entertain the VW enthusiast and indeed anybody that has an interest in cars. Itís your portal to whatís going on in the VW scene. Youíll find independent reviews of...
  7. Readers Rides
    Can't believe there isn't one already going, so what have you got? Og patina or creative neglect, everybody's welcome so bring 'em on... :cool:
1-7 of 7 Results