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    So far there's been dropped prices on Dropped Spring plates (down to £149.99), drop spindles (down to £110) and a few other goodies. The offers only last the day though, and then they're replaced with another offer. Daily offers go on until the 20th December. Updates are on Limebug's Facebook...
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    £25 instead of £70 A great price for this boxset. Perhaps a good xmas present for someone? Comes with Free Supersaver Delivery. :) Wiltsteve
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    Hitchcock 14 Dis Box Set - Vertigo/ The Birds/ Rear Window/ Marnie/ Frenzy/ Topaz/ The Trouble With Harry/ Torn Curtain/ Psycho/ Family Plot/ Saboteur/ Shadow Of A Doubt/ Man Who Knew Too Much/ Rope This also qualifies for Free Postage! Get someone you know their Christmas Present now. :)...
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    Not had chance to shop around but the missus saw an offer in Zavvi of a Wii incl sports, remote, nunchuck + any game (which can incl Play which has an extra controller usually £40) all for £190?? Is that pretty good coz I need one now to go with the Wii fit I've got coming :lol:
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    http://www.travelodge.co.uk/ Bargainous room sale over winter at Travelodge :)
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    Felt a bit peed off that only new customers can get a free sky+ box (plus £30 instalation) especially as I have been with them for over ten years and pay them £17 a month......... so thought I would try my luck with them. Phoned up saying I wanted to cancel :eek: first I was offered box for £75...
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1-7 of 14 Results