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    Apart from the prediction of rain of biblical proportions tomorrow, it doesn't look too bad! Should be a good weekend. :D
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    No no no, not the one in Germany, the one in Somerset :)
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    Just booked my extra camping, long weekend for me.:D
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    Myself, Red Leader, Greenfyregirl etc are heading to the wild west for some classic murkey cider hangovers next weekend for Oktoberfest. Who is joining us? I will be in the jeep as i am extening the weekend on both sides for some adventures and the beetle is misbehaving. :(
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    Very well laid out Show. Lots of things to do. Nice food stalls and other stalls. Great Vibe going on and was good'ish weather while i was there. Set off for Uni and kind of made a 240 mile detour :lol: Good to meet Red Leader, Danny Lord, Volks-Widow, and quite a few others. One i can't...
1-5 of 5 Results