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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Petri & Empi Universal steering wheel, Empi radio - Vintage, Old Speed & Nostalgia For sale are the following hard to find parts : --> 3 rare Petri Banjo style steering wheels. The diameter is about 33,5 cm, so it is a 13 inch sport steering wheel from the 50's made of bakelite. - 1st...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    This is a really nice, low mileage pair of 40DCNFs (currently with 30mm vents, so ideal for mild 1500-1776 motor with stock valve sizes etc). Complete with velocity stacks (one has a small chip on the edge, but they are cheap and often crop up on ebay... but to be honest, you'd probably not even...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    I'm thinking about cool stuff for a ride.. What is getting your blood pumping for your imaginary garage?
1-3 of 3 Results