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    A Turkish man escaped with just minor injuries after being flattened by a lorry that had been hit by a speeding goods train. Have a look at the video its here ...
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    When installing loft insulation to keep you house warm and reduce fuel bills it's best not to fall throught the cieling as it really really hurts!! :o
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    and it really hurt but I was at work so couldn't cry even though I really wanted too :( I now have a golf-ball sized lump on my forehead and its turning blue, it's very sore and unattractive. Is it too late for Tuesday hugs / early for Wednesday ones?
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    The day I deciede (sp) to give up chocolate for a while (need to loose some weight :( ) One of the shops I deliver to everyday, has jus had a massive delivery of these little beauties, there my fave choccy bar of all time....... I jus I has the will power not to buy one :( Danny.
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    :eek: Ive just made a bit of a Discovery today Ive been a Good Boy been driving almost 20 odd years aint claimed for the last 10 either. So Insuring a Fiat Cinquichento Sporting is going to be Peanuts right! EPIC FAIL! cos I have had Classic policies for quite a bit of that time Ive lost all...
1-5 of 5 Results