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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi all, Bought from vw heritage, it's black and has hidden speaker holes precut (6"). The speakers are secured underneath the vinyl so they are out of sight, but the sound still gets through well! It's been lightly used, with the 2 wholes where I have fastened one speaker (they aren't visible...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Were any available from VW or even aftermarket? Anyone got any pictures? TA!
  3. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Afternoon all, Having finally got the engine running nicely on my 72 Beetle it's time to turn my attention to some of the other jobs on my list (including fitting the stereo). One of the things I've been meaning to do was to craft up a new parcel shelf. I've seen the plans for these in...
  4. Items For Sale - AUTO
    SOLD Beetle front parcel shelf as sold by VW Heritage for £ 107.23: http://www.vwheritage.com/vwh/VW-Beetle-Parts%5CInterior%5CMisc-Interior-Trim%5C?templateID=vwh £45 like new collect from Pemberton, Wigan or can bring to a VolksWigan meet (we have one this Tuesday) :)
  5. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hey all knowing vw world. Want to put some speakers in the rear of my '72 1300 beetle and am looking for a rear parcel shelf? Any ideas where I can get one? Are they one size fits all? Many thanks in advance. :)
1-5 of 5 Results