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  1. Lost and Found
    I am trying to locate a VW Bay that my late father owned when I was younger. It was a LHD import from North America and was built in 1970. The registration was MLP313L. It was white and green and first registered in the UK in 1972. When my father owned this he was living in Fareham (Hampshire)...
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    [SOLD] 1964 Squareback My girlfriend has decided to sell her early Squareback. It's got an MOT up to November 2013. It's just had new ICTs fitted as the original carbs need rebuilding. At the same time it's had new door seals and rear drums. The car has a type 1 narrowed disk brake beam...
  3. VZi Yellow Pages
    We're based in Waterlooville just North of Portsmouth in Hampshire. We'll take on all work on aircooled VWs; servicing, mechanics, bodywork, welding, electrics, engine rebuilds and restorations. We'll also service your daily drivers too. If you're from around Portsmouth, please drop in and say...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Back in the day pre internetz in the Portsmouth/Southampton area you used to be able to get a little book/pamphlet that listed all the gigs to be seen in the area, listed month by month. Do the vzi massive know if it still exists or where to go for an updated equivalent?!! :)
  5. Show Scene
    Hi all. Is anybody cruising to RTTS from around pompey/southampton area? Wanna find a few people to drive there with. Cant wait!
  6. Chat/Discussion
    I had an amazing day at BeachBuggin' thanks to the many people that turned up, general consensus seems to be that we had the biggest display of Beach Buggies anyone had seen at a show like ours, WOW, thanks to all the Buggy drivers :cool: going to try & better it next year. All the clubs put on...
  7. Show Scene
    Hi all After a meeting tonight I am very glad to announce that Beach Buggin', held on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, will be going ahead this year. (subject to red tape) It is being run by PKW - Portsmouth Kleine Wagens VW Club, we hope we can keep it the great show it has become :cool: Thanks...
1-7 of 7 Results