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  1. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a restored original beetle to the highest standard - No slam or modification. - Everything is best to be matching numbers - faultless paintwork and original new parts. I want it to the the day that is rolled out of the factory. Willing to pay 15k to 25k or other...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Got a few Beetle parts for sale, I'm open to offers. All prices don't include postage... I can take to Volksworld show on the 29th March to save on postage costs, or collect from Oxford? First off, proper gauge 'Wolfsburg West' Jacking Points, as new, pair: £50. Repro pre '67 Beetle...
  3. Items For Sale - AUTO
    All panels are new and are reproduction. I have brand new front sloping wings as a pair Brand new rear wings A long bonnet A full W fibreglass decklid Also a blade bumper Thers also a spare drivers side sloped wing aswell. And finally i have a set of wide 5 steels. If interested message me.
  4. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi I'm selling the following Pre67 long nose bonnet -2 pre67 sloped wings -2 pre67 rear wings -A full w deck lid (fibre glass) -And a spare drivers side sloped wing. -I also have a blade bumper I'll throw in for free, It isn't the tidiest one but it's solid (holes are drilled on it for bumper...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    I was planning on making my 69 beetle look like a pre67 bug. But I can't be bothered anymore. Not to sure what to do now. I realised last night how much it's going to cost, I've already spent best part of 600 on panels and now I need them sprayed and fitted. The time for doing all of this is...
  6. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I need a pre67 front clip for my project, if anyone has one let me know :)
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Does anyone have a Inner arch, body mount area cut from a pre '67 Bug? (For a '66 Bug) Needs to be solid, with no previous repairs. Preferably to have some of the surrounding area of inner arch as well. I need both left and right hand sides. Thanks.
  8. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I need a pair of rear wings for my bug, if you have any let me know
  9. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I need the front clip section for a pre67 beetle, if you have one let me know please
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Need rear pre67 wings, anyone selling some?
  11. Chat/Discussion
    This should be a good day out for those in the south!! http://reallysimplesites.co.uk/ Celebrating the beginning!!:group:
1-11 of 12 Results